Kids Hurt Too Hawaii


To strengthen connections to the community by bringing together grieving and traumatized children, teens, and their parents in safe and healing ways that reflect Hawaiian values.

About Us

The nature of Kids Hurt Too Hawaii is one of peace, love and unconditional support for families in various stages of grief. Our unique services address the emotional, psychological and/or physical needs of our family members; 70% of who are victims of crime; 100% of children and youth have lost one or both parents. We focus on stabilizing the family, ensuring family safety, and bringing peace and understanding to family members who are grieving losses and experiencing pain due to trauma.

Through case management, services are tailored to meet the specific needs of families to increase their sense of security, reduce their grief and loss, and to build their capacity for self-advocacy. We provide significant workforce training for eligible youth ages 16-24, onsite, which also affords emotional supports youth may need as they prepare to enter the workforce.

All therapeutic services are directly or indirectly based on the service model for grieving children and youth found at the Dougy Center, the National Center for Grieving Children & Families. The Dougy Center model for serving grieving families is profoundly impactful and has been replicated nationally, and internationally due to its effectiveness.

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