Mediation Center of the Pacific


To provide high quality mediation and dispute resolution services that are affordable and accessible.

Our vision is to build a healthy community by increasing the use of mediation as the first step in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in families, schools and the community.

At the Mediation Center, we help people talk, rebuild relationships and resolve problems creatively. With the assistance of impartial mediators, individuals young and old talk through their issues and negotiate creative solutions in a safe, private setting. Through our customized training programs, adults and youth learn skills to help them listen and negotiate their own solutions

While our services are available to everyone, individuals without financial resources are assisted in resolving conflicts of all types at little or no cost.

Our Programs

The Mediation Center offers mediation for a broad variety of issues as well as customized training in effective communication, conflict resolution, facilitation and mediation.

Through the Mediation Center’s Community & Specialized Mediation programs: couples are assisted in agreeing on issues of custody, time-sharing and co-parenting plans for their children; landlords and tenants work out the terms of rental agreements; parents and children discuss and develop plans for maintaining a more peaceful home environment; parents and schools work out their differences regarding the goals, objectives and/or implementation of individualized educational plans for children with special needs; and more.

Mediations are scheduled Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.. Sessions are scheduled for three hours. When the participants reach an agreement, the mediators help them put the terms of the agreement into writing.

The Mediation Center’s Training Program offers customized trainings for individuals and groups to assist the participants with developing tools and skills for peaceful problem solving. Courses include: Effective Communication for Parents and Teens; Working it Out the Mediator Way; Facilitation; Conflict Resolution; Mediation; and more.

To schedule a mediation or to obtain more information on the Mediation Center of the Pacific, call (808) 521-6767, email us at [email protected] or visit our web site at

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