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HMHB believes in a child’s right to be born healthy and raised in a safe and nurturing environment; equal access to quality health care; a collective voice to facilitate change; eliminating health disparities among all populations; cultural competence and respect for diversity; and education to encourage healthy choices.

Our Programs

HMHB’s direct services focus on increasing access to resources and information, particularly in high-risk and under-served communities.

Hawaii Cribs for Kids
This safe sleep education course for low-income, high-risk pregnant women and their families provides education and a free crib to protect their infant, and tracks the baby’s health throughout its first year of life.

Piko Pals
This 12-week new parent support program connects and empowers new parents of babies age 0-4 months to build their own village through facilitated discussions in an emotionally and intellectually safe environment. Piko Pals sets the stage for connection and friendship with peers, building lasting relationships to share the joys and challenges of new parenthood.

A free mobile app with information on prenatal care, infant health, parenting and more. Customized to the child’s age and development, messages are sent every week of pregnancy and baby’s first year of life.

MothersCare Line
A free, confidential phone line offering a helpful, personal response to your questions about what to expect during pregnancy, or how to find services, information or community resources.

Cooking for Two
An interactive cooking and nutritional class for expecting, pregnant and new mothers. This class was discusses the importance of healthy nutrition, physical activity and exercise, cost-effective healthy eating, food budgeting and nutritional benefits of breastfeeding.

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